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January 3, 2014


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Captain David Rogers stood on the main deck of the tower; a glistening white mushroom-like structure rising out of the earth, into the sky. The sunlight beaming in through the windows that encircle the top of the tower. The steel and diamond encrusted surface reflecting light for miles. Oh, what a glorious day this would have been, had it not been for the Aroer demons gathering in hoards, blocking out the sun. Black metallic like grinning skulls, with recessed blue and red eyes, buzzing like bees, their appendages like the talons of hawks, amassing for their final assault. The remote monitors in the control room of the tower are flickering and communication signals are faint, if not gone. His friends lay 5 miles below, bleeding and broken. They left in the lift to face the enemy and fight them on the ground. They were brave men all, now nothing was left but carnage, and the sight of rats eating their flesh and gnawing on their bones!!
Mia stood next to him, laser rifle in hand, he felt sorrow for her, this after all was her first mission; at a tower base. She was so damn beautiful. She was his Communications Director and he thought maybe, just maybe, if he had met her sooner she could have been so much more to him, if not for this day! Mia screamed “here they come”! Capt. Rogers grabbed his rifle and fired upon the advancing Aroer demons. One, two, three, he takes them out, as Mia rushes to his side, her weapon ablaze from aiding in the fight, as the rest of the demons retreated to the safety of the hoard, out of range. “God, there is just too many of them” he said. He pushed the button that opened the towers windows and screamed: COME ON YOU BASTARDS!


PART ONE – to be continued………


Inhale the Dragon…

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Here’s to a smoking 2014!!!!!!!

June 11, 2011


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I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring.

                David Bowie

TIGER BLOOD!!!!!!!!!

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As I walked into the bar, there was only one seat. So I sat down next to some guy muttering under his breath.  “I should of had them all shot; maggots, worms!!!” As the bartender walked over to me I looked in his glazed green eyes.  He shouted above the music “what will you have!” Suddenly the guy next to me shouted “He’ll have what I’m drinking – TIGERS BLOOD!”  He reached into a well worn wallet and pulled out a $100 dollar bill and began shouting “At the end of the day it’s about commerce and money! Their trolls! Trolls I tell you! Retarded zombies that say they could treat me! I’am a winner damn it! A winner, winning!” 

     I looked at his face and suddenly I realized and yelled at him “your that guy on one and a half men.  Your Charlie Sheen!”

“I’m the Warlock damn it, and that’s Two and a half men you idiot!” he retorted. 

     Sitting there in amazement I suddenly felt a hand on my shoulder.  I turned to see who it was.  There stood Jim Tressel, coach of THE Ohio State football team, decked out in one of the schools football jerseys. “Wanna dance young man?”  Without a second thought Charlie jumped to his feet and said “I’ll take that proposal” as he grabbed Jim’s hand and rushed him to the dance floor. 

     There I sit on my stool dumbfounded at what I had just witnessed.  “F*#k!!! What the hell is going on here?”  The next thing I know, my nose is being assulted by the heavy scent of cheap perfume.  And there she stood, raven haired and boobs the size of New York.  I had heard tales but nothing prepared me for what happened next.  Scanning her from cheek to cheek, I couldly barely speak, that ass is for real!  It was the one, the only Kim K. in the flesh.  “HAVE YOU HEARD MY NEW CD?” and with that she lets out a banshee’s wail.  It shatters my glass of TIGERS BLOOD.

     Now the bartender is covering his ears as he asks me if the lady would like a drink and I another?  Finally she stops and asks me “what do you think?”  I replied “I hope you got paid up front!”  With that she yelled “you could have had me all night, but you blew it buddy!”.  She turns and walks away.

     A sweaty hand again grabs my shoulder.  It’s Charlie this time.  Now what, I think to myself.  Charlie begins to quote Laozi…”Dao is the softest thing in the world, but it can overcome the hardest thing in the world.” The next thing I hear is Charlie screaming ….



June 8, 2011


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In all my years of being alive the noise seems to come from those who know nothing about what they claim they know. They try and take you down with moves they have never made. Their minds pushes them down the line. In area 51 there are things that we will never know.

 The light shines on cockroaches.  Slowly rats are seen running toward whores, the graves are filled with victims shaking and rattling around.  It is impossible to believe in a coward who would ever say that he could win.  So the brave fight on, tyranny has no face, the mask will do. 

 As I die I will live through them, the brave, the courageous who give nothing but their souls.  The lives of the fallen will never sink lower than the dirt that covers their graves.  A**holes will live in their own minds forever.  They never fought a fight they didn’t lose, but their mouth speaks volumes why they can never win.  lonely are the brave, who fight on.  In the words of  NOAM CHOMSKY: “IF WE CHOOSE WE CAN LIVE IN A WORLD OF COMFORTING ILLUSION.”

May 24, 2011


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Arnold’s marital peripeteia came to light during the worst time of his professional career.  The body of a god gone, his political career permanently shelved, his twenty year affair squarely has put him in the dock.  There were plenty of plans and achievements, but the achievements have borne little resemblance to the original goals, the costs (family, marriage, friends) were higher than he ever imagined they would be, and the diversions resulted in more pain than any weight he had ever lifted.  There will be no sequel to “Pumping Iron”.

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May 15, 2011


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In a world of  pathos , the rivers are  so fast you  smell  the  rotting heads of the fish . Chaos has  become a god, driven by hope and  freedom. While the world waits in the back allies for their food. Crack has never left us as It pushes the pipe down our throats  giving us , but a moment of freedom from the last hit. Damn this life is good ,whores every where you look asses so big they black out the sun. Perfume so strong the wind carries It  for miles.

Walking women In sheets of red throw the baby across the road with his bath water! When the wise man, yells for change the stone throwers gather their rocks. As the brave man falls to his knees,  and the blood runs from his veins he just yells why!!!!!!!!!!! The stones never stop.They rain down on him like death! The blood flows, as rats  drink It like  water. Asses  walk away, muttering he was just a rebel without a cause! A small child looks on with tears In his eyes. The rats feed on the bodies of dead heroes,  as the pig waits for his share. The sun  shines bright on that thing. We will never know! To the artist is sometimes granted a sudden, transient insight which serves in this matter for experience. A flash, and where previously the brain held a dead fact, the soul grasps a living truth! At moments we are all artists. 

SHEEN TEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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     As I sit here waiting on Godot, the cat vomits all over my feet. With no job in sight, and no way of getting there. I reflect on women and men I will never know again. They gave everything, to make sure we could make the storms fade from our vision and become the things of myth. Why do others judge when we see their imperfect faces, casting shadows of doubt. They have not always been our lovers, that was for others. The cat now pisses in my shoes, he thinks he was my only pet! Walking into the bar, I heard someone yelling “SOLID DREAMS CAN FILL THIS SOUL GIRL!”.  I turned around and there he was. There he was staggering down the lanes of a one way street; CHARLIE SHEEN! As I tried to enter the bar he grabbed my jersey.  “Why are you going in there when there’s a perfectly good alley next door!    

Waiting for Godot: A Tragicomedy in Two Acts.

       I turned and go with him into a dim lit alley, filled with rats and trash cans.  As I asked him why we’re here, he kept yelling TIGER BLOOD, TIGER BLOOD!!  Then he pulled from a suitcase two bottles of wine:  Chardonnay and Merlot, and as we drank from them he said “They all think I’m crazy, but I’m at Radio City Music Hall tonight”.  Charlie springs to his feet and rips off two lids from the trash cans.  We sit on them as 50 rats run by.  He yells “WINNING! WINNING! WINNING!  They’re fools, they’re fools, everything begins again”!!  As we throw the empty bottles of wine against the brick wall, Charlie pulls a foot long glass pipe out of his coat.  Stuffing it full, he holds up a lighter to it and snap, crackle, pop.  He inhales deeply and yells “THERE ARE NO ENDS ONLY BEGINNINGS!!!”  This is my Que to get up and head back to the bar…Charlie leaps up and follows me to the end of the alley, were strangers appear and they yell “Yo bro, can we have some of that”.  Charlie yells “you assholes better get out of our way”.  Then with one swift kick to the groin, the whole action is over as the remaining two run off into the night. Charlie embraces me and says “have a nice drink” and walks off into the night.

September 23, 2010


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KOOKS, they’re running the asylum.  I live with one everyday.   He stands 6 foot even, and the things that come out of his mouth make my head spin.  He seems not to be dazzled by real life.  He wakes only at night, wandering the streets like a vampire looking for his next victim.  Snow white hair and blue eyes, he stalks the f**king night. My sister was his first casualty.  They were an item before she found out his only ambition in life was to wash dishes at the finest truck stops in town. When he got his wish at ‘Gay and Oil’, she threw his clothes into the street. So I took him in, what a day that was. On his first night he said “I will boil some eggs for the tuna fish.”  I should have known better, but just then my blackberry explodes.  It’s my sister yelling at the top of her lungs, “NO YOU DIDN’T TAKE THAT WORTHLESS S**T INTO YOUR HOME!!!!” Before I can reply BARREN WOLF comes running from the kitchen yelling “the eggs are on FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I call 911 the firemen respond, their water and hoses everywhere. The firemen look at me and say “WHAT THE F**K HAVE GUYS BEEN SMOKING, WEED???????” As they leave, I look over in the corner, there sits barren wolf with a can in his hands, all he says is, “WANT SOME TUNA???”   CHWYATT/L.E.COLEMAN

August 8, 2010


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This is for  all the ones who feel  the pain  of bringing us into this  world  let  me say this ones  FOR YOU!    She must have said no a million times  before she ever said  yes. There  would be months, ahead of  pain ,  and sickness  her once  svelte body now ballooning out of shape.Then came the cravings! where was he she thought, I need it so  BAD.  As  she  dropped  to her knees from the pain crawling around inside her,she screams!  He walks in , with the doctor  his  face as pale as ash. Doc moves slowly toward her, his face as pale as white stone. His  words seem to come from a place not in reality.’ Push ,Push,  he screamed as the pain grew ! Then, finally It happens first the head then the rest, the screams  grow louder almost to a level of  thunder. Doc turns quickly and yells “GIVE ME THE BAG!” He’s wild now, plunging needles Into all parts of her body his eyes watery from the sweat rolling down his pale white face. As my head falls Into my hands the only voices I can hear are the chanting of a madman and those awful screams!!  TO BE CONTINUED……..  


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